VEIL Online – Book 3 Summary

VEIL Online – Book 3 Summary

Jace reached the Help Desk and contacted support. But just before that, he discovered that Damian was responsible for his predicament. Not only that, but the he may have tried to kill Jace in the real world.

With the dragon on its way to destroy Whitecliff and nothing able to stop it, Jace and the girls leave the city by ship. But Damian is looking for him and his old friend wants to get rid of Jace for good.

But Damian isn’t the only person hunting Jace. Before the end, Jace will face assassins, pirates and more until things culminate in one on one battle between Jace and Damian.

And Jace might just find a way to defeat that pesky raid dragon – single-handedly.

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