VEIL Online – Book 2 Summary

VEIL Online – Book 2 Summary

Jace and Charlena made it to Whitecliff, the human capital, and met up with some old friends. Now, the four of them must figure out a way to infiltrate the royal palace and find the elusive Help Desk.

But Charlena also brought news that she had found Jace’s body in the real world. It’s a John Doe that matches Jace’s description. The only problem is, the John Doe is in a coma.

While they wait for Charlena to identify the John Doe, Jace stumbles into a traitorous situation involving a noble and the princess’ crown. But does he have the time and resources to help?

When Charlena finally does see the John Doe, she has some unsettling news for Jace. Something that will turn his world upside down.

Oh, and did anyone mention an epic raid dragon is on it’s way to wipe out the city?

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