Sad Day

Sad Day

Today, we took our beloved cat, Luna into the Vet for what we thought would be a simple procedure and that they would find that she ate something she shouldn’t have.

Instead, they found that she had lymphoma and cancer had spread into her small intestine. They might have been able to keep her alive by doing extremely invasive procedures but she would have been in pain for the rest of her short life.My wife and I made the extremely difficult decision to keep Luna under sedation and have them put her to sleep.

We had her since she was just slightly older than a kitten and she was always a good, if mischievous cat. She was part of our family and we loved her.

Good bye Luna. You will be missed.

PS – Some of you may recognize her from my books. I included her in both the Veil Online and the Abduction Cycles series. May she be forever immortalized in fiction – if not in our hearts.