Rebels of Nent Released!

Rebels of Nent Released!

I’m excited to announce the release of Book 2 of the Iron Skillet series: Rebels of Nent! It’s now available in paperback and Kindle (including Kindle unlimited).

Jack Colby’s dreams of culinary greatness go up in smoke when he’s whisked away from the kitchen and into a realm teeming with monsters and magic. But instead of savoring flavors, he’s caught up in a recipe for disaster!

In this fantasy world, an ancient dark god is cooking up trouble, seeking to devour the souls of fallen adventurers to fuel his resurrection. Jack and his comrades have already chopped down one dungeon, but now they’re faced with an even meatier challenge – a second dungeon, tougher than a well-done steak.

To add to the spice, the dungeon’s under the control of rebel Nentese factions, hungry for power and willing to stir up trouble. Can Jack convince these rebels to put down their knives and forks, or will they be left to simmer in a stew of rebellion?

With his trusty familiar, Cheezeburger, by his side, Jack dives headfirst into this fantastical fray, blending elements of intrigue and politics with a dash of magic. It’s a tale where the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and Jack’s culinary skills might just be the secret ingredient needed to save the day!