The Last Paladin (Book 1)


A second chance in a magical new world. He must grow powerful fast or he’ll waste it.

Hunter was just a normal average guy. Then he died. That’s when the problems started.

For one, he wasn’t heading for Heaven. He was on a one-way trip to the other place.

Secondly, an angel literally yanked him from the brink of Hell and gave him a choice: Go straight to Hell, don’t pass go, don’t collect $200. Or, be put inside the body of an alternate version of himself on a completely different Earth where magic, not technology, rules, and get a chance to redeem his soul.

The catch?

To earn a place in the afterlife, Hunter must grow powerful stop an immortal creature called the Nightlord before it can destroy the Free Lands. Did the angel mention that it can’t be hurt with normal weapons or magic?

Piece of cake, right?

Don’t miss this isekai LitRPG adventure from John Cressman, bestselling author of The Abduction Cycles. Loaded with power progression, a detailed magic system, epic battles, a karmic leveling system, reincarnation, and everything you love about LitRPG!