Koyesta Online: Tomb of the Ancients (Book 2)


What Started As Just A Bit of Fun Has Now Become an Epic Quest Which Will Alter the Face of the World

Madison isn’t a hardcore gamer, but along with her brother and two cousins, she’s become embroiled in a mythic quest spanning the entire world of Koyesta Online. The ramifications of this quest may just change the entire game before it’s even out of early access.

Following the clues left in an ancient ruin, Madison and her party must now travel across the continent to find the next fragment of an artifact left by long dead heroes. The journey is treacherous – they’ll need help. But can they trust their new friend? Or does he have a secret agenda?

Now the group finds themselves crossing the unforgiving land between the two great city-states in a Player versus Player area where the most dangerous foes aren’t monsters – its other players and possibly a forgotten enemy from long ago.