New Release – Assassin’s Wrath: Revenge

New Release – Assassin’s Wrath: Revenge

I’m excited to announce the release of Assassin’s Wrath: Revenge! Available on Amazon, KU, & Audible.
Abducted from Earth at a young age, Gage hacked out a living as a thief before being forced into a life of assassination. He became one of the best but finally retired to a life of peace and love. But old scores are never truly settled and it’s not so easy to walk away.

His past came back to haunt him. Assassins came for him in the night, but killed the two people he loved instead. Left with nothing but his anger and thirst for revenge, Gage will stop at nothing to find the person or persons responsible for his loss and burn their lives to the ground. Once more, he must dip into the skills of the assassin – not for money or politics, but for justice for his dead family.

Now, he will need to dust off his old skills and dive back into the darkness of the underworld to get the answers he needs and pray he is still up to the task. Will he succeed? Or will he join his family in the afterlife?

Pick of Assassin’s Wrath: Revenge today and find out!

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