January Status Update

January Status Update

It’s the last day of January and it’s snowing here in Pennsylvania tonight – and probably tomorrow. It’s been a very long month for me personally but I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on.

First, as you know the worse thing that happened in Janaury was the passing of Luna Lovecat, our beloved orange tabby. My heart is still heavy from her passing and it’s hard to write her name without thinking of her and missing her.

My writing laptop also gave up the ghost about a week ago so I’ve been scrambling to get a new laptop and get all of my tools and links loaded on it. At the moment, I think I have most things but lucky all of my writing is backed up in the cloud. Hopefully.

In the good news department, I signed the audiobook deal with JS Arquin to have audiobooks made for the Abduction Cycles series. That’s exciting and I’m happy that I will be able to offer them to the listening audience.

I also sent book 2 of the Abduction Cycles, currently called Library of Daemonium, to the editor, so it’s in his hands now. We’ll see what it looks like when it comes back and how much I need to rewrite/change.

Speaking of book 2, the artist and I started the cover for it. It features Ethan, Nia and a big, ugly monster they run into in book 2. So far, it looks great! I’m looking for a mid February release – hopefully.

I finished up the rough draft of book 3, tentatively called Tomb of Pendragon. I think it turned out great but it needs to go through re-write before I send it to the editor in February. Drop me a line if you want to be a beta/alpha reader.

Book 4, Ruins of Camelot, has been started and I just finished writing chapter 13 earlier this evening. I have some ideas for it so we’ll see how they turn out!

Some people ask how quickly I can write a book. Just to give you an idea, I wrote 48,282 words this month. That’s about average for me. So if you put that into book terms – That’s 2 months for a 96K book or a little over 2 and a half months for a 100K-120K book.

That’s it for January. Considering the bad things that happened to me this month, I’m really hoping February is MUCH better.

Thanks for everyone’s support! Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought of my books.