Easter(ish) Update

Easter(ish) Update

It’s been a couple months since the last update, but I wanted to bring you up to date with what’s going with current, new and old books.

Koyesta Online: Early access is proofed, laid out, and ready to be published as soon as the artist is finished with the cover. Unlike previous books, we will be releasing the audio version at the same time as the eBook and physical books. I had been hoping to release it in April, but now it looks like more of a early May release.

I just finished with book two of the Koyesta Online series – Lich’s Tomb – and will begin doing the re-write/edit this week. Hopefully, I’ll have it off to the editor by the middle of May.

Assassin’s Wrath: Revenge is completed, edited, and proofread. It’s currently with the JS Arquin, the narrator, and he is working on the audio so we can release the audiobook at the same time as the other editions.

I’m about a quarter of the way through the second book in the Assassin’s Wrath series – Sea of Ice.

The first three books of the Abduction Cycles are being combined into a box set. This box set will be available only in eBook and audio format. Everything has been submitted, we’re just waiting for Audible to approve it.

All three books of Veil Online have been re-edited and the first two have new covers. The plan is to get the third cover and then re-release all three books as well as a box set edition. The first two new covers are AWESOME and l’m looking forward to re-releasing this series.

That’s about it. I’ll post more updates as I can.