And… he’s back…

And… he’s back…

Yes, I’m back. After a rough bout with COVID-19, I am back. I’d love to say that I pushed through the virus and continued writing and doing all the author duties – like editing, working with artists on covers and… you know… actual writing – but, alas, I did not.

I had a breakthrough case, having had 2 doses of Pfizer shot. I ended up being out of commission up to and over Thanksgiving with no sense of taste or smell. It was a probably the worse time of the year to lose your taste – over Thanksgiving.

I’m actually getting back on track now. I still suffer from the “post COVID cough,” fatigue and “brain fog.” The fatigue and brain fog have made it especially difficult to get back to writing. I’ve had to take it slow.

But, I have begun working with the artist on the new covers for the Veil Online trilogy. I also had it re-edited and have completed the edits for Book 1. Working on the cover for Book 2 now and waiting for the editor to return book 2.

At the moment, I’m working on going through the edits for Book 1 of Koyesta Online: Early Access, the book I co-wrote with my niece, Paige Fallbright.

I’m also about half way through a new book set in the Abduction Cycles universe, which features a brand new protagonist.

Lots of things in the works – now I just need to get past this fatigue and brain fog!