Ancients Online – New LitRPG/RealRPG

Ancients Online – New LitRPG/RealRPG

Last night I finished up Chapter 36 of my new LitRPG/RealRPG series.

Imagine sitting on the floor in your house at night, playing videos games when suddenly you lose power!

You scramble to find your cell phone and use to dimly illuminate the room. You stumble to a window and look out. Everything is black. The power’s out everywhere you can see.

Then a bright light from outside blinds you, forcing you to squint. Half blind from the bright light, you manage to navigate outside only to find the light is coming from directly over your house.

Before you can go back into the house, you begin to levitate upwards towards the light. It gets brighter and brighter until all you can see if white…

The next thing you know, you are in a strange new world with dwarves, elves and monsters. Oh… and you can do magic now….
Welcome to Ancients Online…

A LitRPG/RealRPG/GameLit Series… coming soon…