Abduction Cycles: Tomb of Pendragon Summary

Abduction Cycles: Tomb of Pendragon Summary

Ethan and his companions have returned to Hawkshead, but all is not well. Something is scaring away the animals in the area and wreaking havoc on the village’s food supply.

The villagers call on Ethan and his friends to find the problem and deal with it. All clues lead the group to the old abandoned mine and the tomb which the former mayor uncovered. What sort of magic or monster could scare away the animals, and what traps may still lurk in the tomb’s darkness?

When the tomb seals behind them, Ethan and the group have no choice but go forward into the depths and face whatever dangers lie at the heart of the tomb. But the tomb may no longer be empty, and its new residents don’t appreciate trespassers.

Now they must use all of their abilities and magic to make it out alive, and Ethan may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends.

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