Abduction Cycles: Library of Daemonium Summary

Abduction Cycles: Library of Daemonium Summary

Still having questions about the new world he’s been dropped into, Ethan has more pressing concerns figuring out who or what is killing the wizards.

Unfortunately, the only source of those answers seems to be the members only library of the Order of the Scroll. Of course, he can join and read all the books he wants – but there’s a catch.

The custodians of the library first want him to retrieve some lost tomes from an abandoned library in a ruined city. Seems simple, right? Not a chance. Did they forget to mention that no one who’s entered the library has ever returned?

To make matters worse, Ethan almost kills himself learning a new type of magic, but it might just be the key to making it out of this crazy adventure alive.

Join Ethan and friends in the second exciting installment of the Abduction Cycles!

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