Abduction Cycles: Fate of Excalibur Summary

Abduction Cycles: Fate of Excalibur Summary

Ethan has tracked down the sword Excalibur to an ancient tomb now controlled by the orc nation. They will let him see it, but he just has to do one simple task: Talk to a rampaging dragon!

Did they forget to mention that the shamans they previously sent never returned?

The companions must make it to the dragon’s lair through the troll and giant infested forest while being harried by more fishmen. And there’s the magic eating fairies to deal with! Supposedly, they can drain the Mana right out of a wizard!

Plus, there’s the threat of more Doemenagg as well, who seem intent on sucking out Ethan’s brain!

But Ethan is determined to get his chance to examine the sword and possibly pull it from the stone that Merlin embedded it in – if he survives that long.